Memorials & Monuments

1. Services

  • Granite Memorial Markers & Headstones
  • Marble Memorial Markers & Headstones
  • Bronze Plaques and Cremation Urns
  • Engraved Memorial Plaques, Bricks, or Stones
  • Memorial Benches
  • Mausoleums
  • Civic Monuments
  • Pet Memorials
  • Engraving
  • Cemetery Accessories
  • Cremation Glass Art & Keepsakes
  • Cremations Urns & Keepsakes
Glass Cremation Art & Keepsakes

Urns, Cremation Keepsakes & Jewelry

  • Monument

    Memorial for a single individual or a companion monument marking two burial plots next to each other with one marker.

  • Grave Marker
    Grave Markers

    Typically flat gravestones that are installed flush with the ground or lawn level.

  • Slant Monument
    Slant Monuments

    Given their name due to their steep slanted face, and can accommodate both single and double options.

  • Memorial Bench

    A beautiful alternative to a traditional monument and can include a niche for cremated remains.

  • Mausoleum

    Range in size and can offer affordability over the long-term as they are intended to remain in the family for generations.

  • Catholic Memorial
    Catholic Memorials

    Incorporate the deceased’s religious beliefs into the final design of the monument, such as crucifixes, angels, and more.

  • Pet Memorial
    Pet Memorials

    Allow owners to honor their beloved furry family members with beautiful stones or markers to display at home.

  • Civic Monument
    Civic Monuments

    A memorial to honor and remember heroes and events in the community

2. Shapes

Choose a standard shape or work with us to create a custom artistic design.
We tailor and custom rendered designs with our CAD/CAM program.

Classically Shaped Upright Monument on Base
Classically Shaped Upright Monument on Base
Boulder Shaped
Boulder Shaped
Rectangular Shaped Flat Markers
Rectangular Shaped Flat Markers
Bevel/Pillow Shaped
Bevel/Pillow Shaped
Cross Shaped
Cross Shaped
Slant on Base
Slant (with or without Base)
Heart Shaped
Heart Shaped

3. Granite Colors

We take pride in primarily designing with USA Sourced Granite.
Many other colors of imported granite are also available upon request.

  • Barre Granite Barre
  • Gem Mist Granite Gem Mist
  • Impala Granite Impala
  • Jet Black Granite Jet Black
  • Mahogany Granite Mahogany
  • Morning Rose Granite Morning Rose

4. Lettering & Layout

Our designers sit down with each client and render a personalized image of the monument using CAD technology. This allows us to make changes quickly and easily and provides both clients and staff with an exact template of the monument. All clients approve the computer-generated rendition of their monument prior to its fabrication.

Start Designing Your Loved One's
Memorial or Monument

On-Site Services

Cemetery Services

Chardy Memorials communicates with the cemetery on your behalf, including:

  • Permitting
  • Attaining rules and protocols for zoning, size, etc.
  • Setting the memorial/monument foundation
  • Memorial/Monument installation

Cleaning & Restoration

Memorials in need of repair can be restored to their original distinction using our professional restoration services. We work with families and individuals, as well as cemetery operators and managers to provide services including cleaning, resetting, and foundation replacement.

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Almost a Century & Three Generations

Chardy Memorials has been setting the standard of excellence in Chester County for the memorial industry since 1923. Frenchman and Italian-trained stone mason George T. Chardy opened his business in Kennett Square to help those around him honor their loved ones with beautifully crafted stonework. Now, three generations later, our family proudly serves yours with an unwavering commitment to quality, compassion, and craftsmanship.

Chardy Memorials Staff

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